Optical testing

We offer our partners decades of experience in product testing. From sub-tasks to turnkey solutions, our aim is to make our customers' everyday work easier. Our mission is to fully serve the quality assurance needs of our manufacturing customers.

First Article Inspection


Speed your way to production of higher quality PCB assemblies with the most efficient first article inspection (FAI) solution available.

The Extra Eye First Article Inspection System helps you ensure your PCB assembly line is producing accurate boards, right from the start, and all the way through your production run. It streamlines every aspect of inspection, from program setup to the inspection process itself. With this easy-to-use, automated FAI system, you can dramatically shorten time-to-production, reduce end-of-line defects and improve yield. Using Extra-Eye, you’ll see lower costs and higher-quality products.


Who needs automated FAI?

Any company that assembles PCBs can gain real, bankable value from automated first article inspection. As one of the most critical steps in PCB assembly setup, FAI can stop a single small mistake from ruining an entire production run.

Extra Eye’s automated First Optical Inspection process is significantly more accurate and faster than manual inspection. With setup in minutes and easy operation, Extra-Eye FAI provides a cost-effective alternative to automatic optical inspection (AOI) for low-volume series.

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Magnifying Workstation


Meet Loopa, a Brand New Magnifying Workstation

Loopa is a newly developed ergonomic workstation based on a HD camera and monitor. Loopa is designed to replace the traditional magnifying lamps that exist on almost every work table. It provides a clear, sharp HD quality image allowing an easy, stressfree working enviroment.

  • The camera is mounted 40cm above the work area, leaving free space to work without interference from the camera body.
  • The HD monitor is located near the work area producing intuitive, efficient, easy adoption. It also reduces eye strain and neck fatigue associated with frequent use of traditional products.
  • A unique three way foot pedal allows zoom in/out and mode selection, facillitating a completly hands free operation.
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  • High quality HD camera and monitor creating a clear image
  • Measuring capabilities (line, circle, square and triangle)
  • 4 USB ports allow connection to external illumination, stick memory, laser pointer, UV illumination (for conformal coating inspection), bar code reader etc...
  • Ethernet port allows connecting Loopa to the company network
  • Convert picture opacity allowing comparison of overlay image
  • Auto calibration
  • Moderate price
  • Modern colorful appearance


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High-speed three-dimensional solder paste inspection system
and an automatic optical inspection. The 3D-SPI series have
different configurations from desktop T series to dual lane
equipment and super large board equipment - 3D- AOI series
products including: inline series, dual lane equipment, 1.2 meter
super large board equipment and other different configurations.

  • 4 megapixels of ultra-high frame rates and high dynamic range industrial cameras, with the high precision grade balls-screw and guide rail mechanical structure, realizing high-speed and stable measurement.
  • Patented 3D DL (Diffuse lighting) technology, combined with 2D RGB light source achieved easy of use. It is perfect solution to solve the shadow effect and reduce noise interference in 3D measurement.
  • Gerber data conversion and import, achieve automatic detection of the entire board. Manual “Teach” function realize user-friendly programming and test job generation in case of no Gerber data situation.
  • The maximum detectable height increased from the traditional ± 350um to ± 1200um, not only can detect solder paste, but also applies to the detection of opaque objects such as red glue and black epoxy and other none transparent object.
  • PCB size up to 1200 x 550mm can be widely used in the manufacturing of electronic products, the application range like: mobile phones, digital products, television, audio and video appliances, computer accessories, automotive electronics, medical electronics, LED, etc.